About Us

After completing my tax returns in 2010, I got inspired to figure out a way to donate more to charity. My wife and I have always made regular, modest donations to a variety of cancer societies and other charities. However, there are so many causes out there and just not enough disposable income to go around. Each year I made resolutions to give back more (both money & volunteering time), but undoubtedly my spare time got booked and our excess funds went to unexpected home repairs, car maintenance, and Uncle Sam.

I realized the only way to ensure that I could increase my charitable impact was to build it into a business plan from day 1. I enjoy tinkering with the internet and web sites, so online coupon codes seemed like a natural fit. After many months of late night work, KindCoupons was finally launched in November 2010.

KindCoupons donates 50% of all profits to charity. So, as long as the business turns a profit, charities will see a benefit from our efforts. Also, there aren’t any salary expenses factored into these basic profit calculations for KindCoupons. If we don’t turn a profit, the people behind the scenes at KindCoupons won’t be compensated. As a result, we’re highly motivated to keep expenses low and to manage the business as efficiently as possible.

It’s worth noting that KindCoupons is free to use. You can help us generate charitable donations simply by clicking on the coupon/deal links on KindCoupons and completing a purchase at your favorite sites (just like you normally would). For additional information about this process, check out our FAQs page.

I hope you enjoy KindCoupons and will shop through us regularly for the benefit of various charities. If you have any suggestions for improving the site, I welcome your emails.

Thank you for visiting and helping to make a difference!

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