Is KindCoupons.org free to use?
Absolutely! There are no fees or membership requirements to use our site. Simply click on the coupons & deals that you like and complete your purchase at the chosen retailer’s web site.

How do you choose the charities that get donations?

The charities are selected by KindCoupons employees along with some help from our loyal visitors (that’s you).

Can I help select which charities will get donations?
Yes. Some of the charities we donate to are nominated by KindCoupons users themselves. To take part in the charity selection process, join our Facebook Fan Page and subscribe to our email newsletter.

How does KindCoupons make money?

KindCoupons makes money by referring loyal shoppers to the various retailers that are listed on our website. When you click on a link at KindCoupons and then complete a purchase at the retailer’s website that you visit, KindCoupons earns a small commission for that referral.

Where do the charitable donations come from?
At the end of the month, we split up the profits generated from our referral commissions. Charities get 50% of these profits.

What happens if KindCoupons does not make a profit in a given month?

If we don’t make a profit, unfortunately the charities won’t get a donation (and our employees won’t get compensated for their time).

I don’t see my favorite store listed on your website. Can you add them?

We’ll certainly try! If you have any suggestions for improving the site, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.